Metal Decals


Metal Decals

Metal Decals

For over 4 decades GSM Graphic Arts have manufactured metal decals to customer specifications. Using varying manufacturing methods to supply printed graphics onto metal we can achieve photographic imagery that is durable and hard wearing for your metal decal requirements.

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Digitally Printed Metal Decals

Digitally printing into anodised aluminium can recreate photographic imagery and serial numbers onto the aluminium decal. We can cut the decals to include holes and corners or cut to your personalised design.

Anodised Aluminium Decals

Using anodised aluminium decals ensures a durable and hard-wearing finish to the aluminium creating a scratch resistant finish to the decal. Our anodised aluminium decals are manufactured in our state of the art anodising plant at our factory in Yorkshire. Anodising is the process whereby the raw aluminium is electrically charged causing the pores of the material to open. These can then be either digitally or screen printed into before the aluminium is sealed to create a protective barrier to the ink.

Hard-wearing Metal Decals

Metal Decals can also be manufactured by us using stainless steel. To provide a durable finish to stainless steel metal decals GSM Graphic Arts etch away the detail required on the metal decal and then this can be infilled with a colour of your choice. We offer both 304 and 316 stainless steel so that we  are able to manufacture metal decals that can be used in such environments as the oil & gas industry and also offshore & marine industry.

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With 4 decades experience of printing metal decals we are perfectly placed to help you with your individual requirements. Call our expert team to discuss how we may design, print and manufacture your anodised aluminium or stainless steel metal decals. Alternatively fill out our contact form below to request a bespoke quotation from our dedicated team.

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